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I’m 54 male 5'8" tall and weigh about 70kgs, I’m living in Oman. I have coronary health problem and had CARDIAC ARREST TWICE in London back in 2010.The story before and after my cardiac incident will be too long to share here. One thing I can say that I was reasonably fit and was always doing light occasional exercise before 2010 and the attack was not only a shock to me but to everyone who knew me. I’m extremely lucky to be alive today.

I was following all the instructions given to me and was very careful with my medications and the food I take. I gradually started walking until I managed to do brisk walking for about half an hour daily but was never satisfied and felt my body needed more. Since a couple years or so there was this urge to make a change in my lifestyle but I couldn't find the right thing to do.

Early this year I reluctantly started light hiking with a group of friends. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is doing me very good. Plenty of fresh air and oxygen make you feel your lungs are functioning. I now do normal hiking with a professional group for two hours once a week. I always brows on the web to find out information about anything before I make any attempt.

One day browsing on the web I came across NHS couch to 5k program. I was like this is it! This was probably the thing I was looking for. A well guided program from a known and reliable website. This should boost my confidence when needed and set goals for me. I got myself mp3 and downloaded the program from the net. I was always too frightened to start running after the incident in 2010. I have been doing C25K and have completed WK8 today and actually run for 32 minutes. I just can’t believe I ran for 32 minutes straight through. I’m so proud of myself and so grateful.

I started running from the beginning of April this year. I haven’t lost any weight but the shape of my body has changed, I feel quite firm and have also developed muscles. Everyone tells me “you have changed your face glows”. I must admit the psychological challenge was far too much for me. I was always worried something might happen to me while I run. I decided to invest and buy myself a very good heart monitor that would at least give me an indication on how much my heart was doing. The heart monitor also gave me the number of steps, distance, time taken and calories burnt. This gave me a little sense of relief.

Run three of WK5 was the toughest for me as the jump was too big. My best run was run two of WK6. I found this was just right at that time. However, I remained focused and just followed Laura guidance. I was so lucky, I never had to repeat any of the runs so far. I was getting too tired during the first few weeks. Then I realised that I was walking in the days between instead of resting. Rest days are critical. A rest day in between each run allows your joints to recover from what is a high-impact exercise and reduce your chance of injury. This made my runs much more effective. I am excited and looking forward to completing the program next week. Please wish me luck.

I encourage anyone who is reading this to start running. No words can explain the benefits, my advice is don’t waste the opportunity, do it right away. Just get to the program and follow the instructions. I wouldn’t recommend to run with anyone especially during the first few weeks as this might make you dependent and you would only run if your are together. Thank you so much, NHS and Laura!


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  • What a inspirational post . Welcome to the group azaralkindi & good luck for next week . Keep posting & looking forward to seeing your graduate badge

  • Thank you, I have now graduated

  • Yes - you have missed half of the fun of doing C25k - that is being here in this place to tell us all about your runs :)

    Never mind - you are here now and we look forward to hearing more from you. I am certain you will finish the programme - then what might you do ??

  • Congratulations Az on getting to this stage, and the very best of luck with your week 9 runs! :)

  • Thank you all, I didn't know about this group until today. I will get you all posted next week

  • My goodnesse me, what a story and well done you for remaining positive, under the circumstances it would have been easy to wallow in self pity. Very best of luck for your graduation run.

  • Now graduated Thank you

  • What a great post. Well done you and good luck going forward! I'm sure you have made a life changing difference by doing this and strengthened your heart and body x

  • Thank you,, feeling much better now. Also graduated last week

  • Wow, what a fantastic and inspirational story! Very very well done on all your achievements so far, you must be so proud of yourself. Glad you found us and decided to share your great story. Keep posting so we know how you're getting on. Good luck :)

  • many thanks,,

  • Very well done and glad you are feeling the amazing benefits. Graduation is in your sight.

  • I wish you all the luck in the world ;)

    A great post and thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It sounds like you are getting exactly what you want from the c25k programme. Good luck and let us know how you get on :)

  • Truley inspirational! Thank you for taking the time to share your story! :-) Good luck and happy running in the future! Xx

  • That's an excellent story Azharalkindi. There are quite a few folks here that have used running as part of their recovery after illness so best of luck with that. I've been to Oman and run along the beach front in Muscat and was amazed to find quite a few runners. The heat made it very different from running in Scotland!

  • Scottish pasty ??? He he :)

  • Cornish/Irish living in Scotland .... I dofeel special ;-)

  • Quite a mixture! So long as you don't feel the need to deep fry them. The Cornish will be outraged!:)

  • It is even hoter now. Graduated last week in this heat

  • It was in Muscat around June/July 2012 and it was very hot! I ran along the beach and footpath starting around the British embassy/ Grand Hyatt and really enjoyed finishing off with a dip in the sea. Enjoy!

  • June / July indeed must have been hot for you. The sea around there is just beautiful.

  • Your story has brought tears to my eyes. So inspirational! I'm in awe of your bravery.... to really take notice of what your body needs despite very real fears it might let you down. I'm so glad you found it and you're enjoying such improved health, well being and FUN! Best of luck for graduation. X

  • Me, too!!

  • thank you,,

  • Hi welcome to the forum.

    Wow great post and an inspiration. Good luck and keep posting

  • That's a great story and sounds like finding c25k was just the right thing at the right time for you. I appreciate how you share your worries about running too, in the light of your history, and the action you took in getting the monitor.

    Keep posting as I are am sure many of us would like to hear how week 9 ( and beyond) goes. Happy, healthy running !

  • Thank you for posting. Amazing story & best of luck for everything.

  • Wow ! how inspirational is that ? well done you, and please keep posting

  • Another inspirational story. Why is C25K not more widely known, it does really great things? Welcome to the forum and we look forward to seeing your Graduate badge next week!

    I 'Recommended' your post: hopefully more people will see it.

  • Welcome Az

    It just shows how important it is to eat well and take exercise. Your life depends on it.

    I hope you can keep running, stay well, and importantly enjoying life in great shape.

  • thank you

  • Truly beautiful and thank you for sharing!! :)You have a had a tough time and found your way through to a better future. I'm sure you are glowing and the body changes appear very fast or we just don't think about it because focusing on the programme and not the way it is going to make us look. You have achieved so much despite your ill health and are an inspiration to anybody starting out. Couch to 5k has changed many peoples' lives on here and I for one would hate to think what place I would in now without starting it. Good luck on graduation another journey begins...... :)

  • Thank you

  • Wow, Wow, Wow! I think your post should be pinned on the home page of the C25K!

    I don't mind admitting that I struggle with motivation but NO MORE - I will think of you every time I'm having that internal battle with myself about whether I should go for a run! So thank you, I wish you the very best of luck with finishing the programme (no doubt that you will) and I hope that you enjoy very good health for many years to come!

    I look forward to reading your other posts, too! xx

  • Thank you

  • There are always people who moan about every little thing in life, and before they know it life has passed them by. You, on the other hand, have shown what CAN be done by having the right approach and attitude.

    I am massively impressed by your post and by what you have achieved and wish you a very, very long, happy and fulfilling life [with lots of good runs!].

    Take care, and now you have found us, keep us posted on your runs and post-C25K progress.

  • Great story, azharakindi - such an inspirational post for anyone anxious about starting the programme. It is to be expected that with your medical history you would worry about doing it but here you are now, the living proof of how good the programme is. WELL DONE YOU! Keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.

    We all wish you well for the journey!


  • Great post! Wish you well!

  • Wow I'm amazed on the replies and great support from you all. A real pity didn't get you earlier, you would have made my runs much more interesting. I feel I have now found a family to share my experiences. I'm already motivated to go for WK9. I will keep you posted.

  • Fantastic post . Stories like this keep us all motivated and help show me how lucky I was to find the C25K programme when I did. I am telling everyone I know about it. When ever the answer comes back good for you I could never run my reply is your wrong you should try the programme!!!

  • Oh and I forgot to say, enjoy your graduation week!!!

  • Fantastic! Congratulations on your progress so far - and all the best with the week 9 runs - you should be able to coast it now. Many of us have found this programme to be life affirming and changing so, welcome to the gang!

  • Inspirational post, well done and keep it up! I started when I was 50 and quite a bit heavier than you , but finished the program and although I cannot make 5 k in 30 mins I can now run 7.5 in 56 mins so proud of that! Keep it up

  • Have a great graduation week - you definitely deserve it. Very inspirational indeed. :)

  • I had to come back to this post,, didn't realise the numbers of replies,,, Thank you all for all your support and now I have graduated

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