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so i went for my jog this morning, and felt i pushed off to fast again. so by the second lot of 3 minute jogs, i was in a lot of pain, but pushed through, and now im not in pain. However im quite apprehensive about week 4. 5 minutes and then 3 minutes! sounds a lot, and by todays mistake of starting too fast, i think i may have to take w4r1 very slowly.

diet is also going well. lost another 2 pounds this week. making a total of 19 pounds since the start of this!

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Good luck with week 4! Just take it steady and you'll be fine!

Congratulations on the weight loss :-) I stopped losing since I started running but a sneaky peek this morning is looking promising! Wednesday (renamed WeighNesDay) is my official weekly weigh in day. :-)


Thats a great start laura.

Just take it nice and easy and you will manage. The programme is designed in such a way that you are ready for the next step.

Good luck and happy running :-)


You will be probably thought that week 3 looked daunting( I know I did)but you have done it.Good news on your weight loss, gives an added incentive:-)


Great news on the weight loss! Slow and steady and trust the programme... You can do this!


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