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Hello =) (Week 3)

I've been really enjoying C25K, my aim is to be able to run 5K by the time race for life Cambridge comes around, I only did 2 runs of week 1 which made me feel really bad but I needed to move on in order to be on target for race for life.

I did all three runs in week 2, the first one I really struggled and didn't manage to run the whole time but the other two I did and felt great! I'm looking forward to week 3 but a bit nervous that the times will change hopefully my stamina has been built enough at this stage to handle it :)

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Good luck with week 3 :-) you'll be fine! My Race for Life is in July - really looking forward to it!


Thank you PandaRunner, I did my first week 3 run yesterday as I do other things on Monday and Tuesday night and was still hurting Wednesday.

I didn't manage to do the first three minutes but I did the second, I always seem to do better towards the end of the session, anyway it felt amazing! I don't think I've ever run for that long! It was quite emotional =)


It's very emotional isn't it! It's such a personal challenge! Even at school I was hopeless at running! It's great to find a way of how to train/learn to run! :-)


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