Miserable failure with W5R3

I have had several attempts and not getting there. I seem to need a break at 15 minutes. I am now trying to work out a route of 2.75 - 3km km to run without a break and without pod casts to see if that helps.

On the plus side I have lost weight!!!



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  • It isn't a failure, that would be if you didn't get off the couch and try! You have done well to do 15 minutes, this run is a tough one, mentally as much as anything. A change of route may help. You can do the run, and you will. Do you take water with you, I can't manage without. Do you eat before you go or run on empty, different things work for different people.

    I found it better to think of it as 4 separate 5 min runs (albeit without a break) and I really really had to slow down right at the beginning, from what was already a slow pace. When you get to 15 minutes, just slow down even more and try and do an extra minute or even 30 seconds and maybe build from there over the next few runs.

    I found myself making mental lists, chanting (in my head!) all the names of people on this forum that I could remember and even reciting the phonetic alphabet and using that along with the names! (Crazy, I know, but it worked for me). Don't worry about how long it takes you, you are doing great, and weight loss too, that is an achievement! x

  • Cracked it today...I actually did the phonetic alphabet as you mentioned. I decided on a new route too that had some descent at the start and then was flattish. I didn't know how far I would get either so it was a good plan. I only went over by seconds but I managed it. Next time I will take some money with me as I was so close to a lovely coffee shop. I tried to run back but only managed a few minutes here and there.

  • Well done you! :) I was just about to say - and not sure if this works for everyone or not, but in terms of a route what I've been doing is running up one particular road that is fairly quiet and mostly flat - and just turning back half way through the podcast. Beats a long walk home that's for sure!

    Watch out for Week 6, I'm just at the end of it and it's not as easy as it seems sometimes! Just take it nice and slow.

    Well done again! :) x

  • Thanks for advice. Can't start W6 til Wednesday. I shall probably have the issues again with 25 min run!!

  • Got mine tomorrow morning and feeling a little apprehensive I must admit! :) We'll get there in the end! :D x

  • Good luck.

  • Well done on cracking the run. Good to know the distraction technique works for you. Now you have it in reserve for any challenging runs in the future. Good luck and happy running

  • Thank you....W6 begins on Wednesday.

  • That's fantastic! Well done you! I know the phonetic alphabet thing is a bit crazy, but anything to take your mind off it is worth a go! Yes have a nice treat in that coffee shop next time. Well done again! x

  • Thank you. W6 begins on Wednesday....

  • Slow down - seriously! Take the run a little slower than your normal pace. The program works, so everything you have done so far has been the perfect preparation. Just think back to week 1,when running for 1 minute was a challenge. You CAN do this - take it slow, breath easy, if it starts getting hard, don't stop, just slow down a bit more - you can always sprint at the end! One foot in front of the other, we are willing you on, so give it another go and let us know how you get on.

  • Cracked it this afternoon. New route so no idea as to how far 20 minutes would get me. Took it slow in parts but covered over 2.5km. (Wake up call here as my daughter does her park run in 18minutes.)

  • Breaking it down (mentally) in 4 x 5 minutes runs is what I did after someone advised me to do that. It worked. Good luck.

  • The run takes the same length of time what ever speed you run at, so just take it very easy. I find focusing on targets in the distance helps and I get a pat on the back each time I reach my target. I run quite slowly, but have noticed over the weeks I have started to a bit faster. I now overtake the barges on the canal where I run, whereas a short while ago they were overtaking me. Keep going!

  • The target focusing worked for me as well, I ran up and down an allotment and knew roughly where I should be in 5 minutes ( say the green shed ) I took it real slow, I am still real slow, any slower I would be in reverse, but managed 30 minutes last week , you will to

  • Cracked it...new route helped as I didn't know where I would reach. In fact got excited at @ 15 minutes because I had gone much further than I thought.

  • This isn't a failure - it might have been if you'd given up at the first attempt but you've done really well to try again and the advice here about slowing down - even if it feels it would be quicker to walk - is really good. When I feel like stopping I try to focus on getting to the next lamppost, tree or crossing and then the next, rather than how long is still to go. Remember how much you've achieved in being able to run for 15 minutes, that's so much more than many people can do. Good luck!

  • Thanks for support. Cracked it this afternoon on a new route. Plenty to keepe occupied. Slowish speed though ...

  • Don't think of this as a failure. As everyone has said here, just getting out there and trying is success!.

    This is mentally a hard run to crack, there is no doubt about that. I used to run and think about, 'where will I be when I finish, or where will I be when I am half way'. ie think of the run as a distance, and not a time. Then just pace yourself really steady. You are I think suggesting something like this already, so give it a go. You can, and will do this.

    Good luck :)

  • Cracked it....I did it for distance as I had an idea that I wanted to be by the farm at 20 mins and got so pleased to pass there at 15 minutes. Will happily repeat this route. Sadly I thought I would try to run home. Had difficulty doing more than 2 or 3 minute intervals.

  • I commiserate fully as I too had problems with that run.

    You must confuse the gremlin in your head telling you you can only run 15 minutes.

    It might help if you change your route, preferably with a nice downhill at around 15 minutes.... but above all, relax and stop to think of it as a failure.

    Have you thought of doing it by increments of 1 minutes?

    So next run would be 16 minutes, the next one after 17 and so on until you get to 20.

    Hope you get there soon.

  • This afternoon I ventured out at 3.00pm and cracked it. I chose a new route with a gentle descent for 300 metres too and no uphill. So it is a cheat route but confidence boosting was required. I got further than I had anticipated so it was a good day.

  • Really glad you made it. Well done.

    Hope your next run goes as well too!

  • Congratulations - so glad that you cracked it with the distraction techniques. Don't worry about cheat routes - a run is a run! Fingers crossed for W6!

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