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Playing with Galloway. Feels like cheating!


Several folk here have mentioned this method, I liked the promise that it helps let the endorphins kick in while you're out , guards against injury and minimizes fatigue.. What's not to like!? Well it seemed counter intuitive to go back to walking breaks when all the work so far has been to achieve non-stop running. But I used his formula and did the Run1/walk1 min structure. I decided to keep on til I'd covered 4K ( still quite a biggie for me). It was so strange, I thought I'd not manage to get into "zone" at all but after the first couple of cycles I was really enjoying myself and experimenting with form and breathing and speed ( because it was only for a minute, right.) I didn't get to that gasping , how soon can I stop place at all.., And the biggest surprise was that in the end my pace over the whole distance was 20secs a K faster than when I ran that same route. How did that happen?! Does it still count as running?!!

Anyone else tried it? Happy running or runwalking to all. X

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Well done feels good doesn't it? I use this method on my longer runs at the weekend (to build up endurance) which are now up to 8.5k by using 1/1 or sometimes 30/30 but I still try to run non-stop on my other runs during the week. I did find that if I used the run/walk/run on every run then when I tried to run continuously it was more difficult and the gremlins in my head kept telling me it was all too hard and to just stop :) I am training for a six hour endurance run in October and will be using Jeff's plan for that for sure. Like you I have found that it has made my times faster even with the walk breaks

Jaqs99Graduate in reply to Mummysaurus

Oh. Thanks for the caution about doing it for every run... Definitely don't want the gremlins back.,, tho they're never very far away! Wow on your endurance run plans! I'm in awe. All the very very best for training and the event. X


I also enjoy run/ walk and most often use a 4:2 pattern. For me it makes the run more enjoyable without any real loss of speed. It's also helped me to work up to 7.5k and makes 10k feel like qn achievable target with time. I find I still really look forward to getting out there!

Jaqs99Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Yea. I found it enjoyable too. I might try 4:2 as 1:1 meant too much watch checking ( I couldn't hear the garmin beeps... deaf as well as old, ha!) Well done on your 7.5 K :)


I did it yesterday on my first ankle testing run. Baz loves it so I thought I would give it a whirl. I enjoyed it too and managed 6 k. When I began to puff a bit I slowed down. I did feel more energetic at the end than I usually do

Jaqs99Graduate in reply to misswobble

Oh well done! So glad the ankle passed its test. Yay!

I am thinking it's the way to go... It isn't cheating.. Still covering ground under your own steam at the same or better pace than running. And supposedly great for injury care and prevention. (Im doing a good job of convincing myself here! ) x


I think there's a lot to be said for it. There's no rule that we're not allowed to walk a bit now and again :-) I may try it a bit on my longer run next week and see. There are so many different options aren't there- I find it hard to decide what to try first with this running lark! x

Jaqs99Graduate in reply to no-excuse

That's what's so good about it :) Huge variety of things to try, And if the one you try doesn't work for you it's not a failure. I'm reading more about the Galloway, and it seems to matter that you schedule the intervals rather than wait til you need one. Be interested to hear how you find it.:)

no-excuseGraduate in reply to Jaqs99

I will keep you posted! At the moment I'm just slowing right down when I'm unable to carry on any further, so it makes sense to have some sort of 'proper' intervals. I've got Parkrun tomorrow but think I would find it hard to do it there! :-)


I am actually cheating -- on my long runs. I run non-stop down the hills ( regardless of length or gradient) - I mostly walk up the hills - and run/walk on the flats :) Seems to be working quite well for me. On the two other "30 minute" run days , I do whatever I feel like but try to run mostly -non-stop and one day is Parkrun day and that is definitely run non-stop at a decent pace. I feel that I am getting the best of both worlds. At a 30ses/30sec ratio should be able to go for MILES!!!!

Jaqs99Graduate in reply to Bazza1234

Nah, I've decided it's not cheating at all. Your routine sounds very enjoyable. I think I will also do a bit of pick-n-mix. I can't completely let go of the sense of achievement from running non-stop for a set period. Have a good runny weekend. :)

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