Couch to 5K

Week 7 Run 2

Well, after a full day's work and running up and down stairs last night I decided to run after work. Definitely had to grit the teeth for the whole run but I made it through. I've been doing evening runs on the basis that the foot paid that I have mentioned in other posts, will be easier after a good nights sleep. The theory is fine but the practice is slightly different.

I was hard and it continues to be hard but the only thing that keeps going round and round in my head is that I can do it and I will do it because I'm doing anything that I have not achieved before.

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well got out there...I find runs after work so much is tough, you are nearly there though :)


I knew I had a question. At the moment, I am getting a stitch almost 5 minutes into the run and sometimes earlier. I don't stop and I have not given up the run but it is annoying running for about 20 minutes on a stitch. Any advice to get rid of the stitch whilst I'm running?


One tip that I read for getting rid of a stitch is to blow all of the air out of your lungs very forcefully, as though you are trying to blow out a candle from a couple feet away. I tried it the last time I started to get a stitch and it seemed to work for me.


I was exactly the same. I had actually enjoyed run1 so was looking forward to run2 but found it so difficult - gritted teeth all the way. Hoping to do run 3 tomorrow. I start work early so always need to 2 of my runs after work but I usually do third one in n the morning.


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