Couch to 5K

W5R3 - Mind 1, Matter 0

I decided I couldn't do it, so didn't!

Was looking forward to W5R3. I thought this would be the day when I really started to feel like a runner. Ha! It's fair to say that when the going got tough today, I bailed. I think I'd decided that I couldn't or wouldn't do it before I'd even finished my warm up. Ok it was really warm this morning... And I needed the loo...and a drink... And each leg felt like it was carrying an extra 2 stone... But this is no excuse! I didn't even run the 8 mins that I ran the other day.

Anyway... This is how I roll. Usually at this stage I'd just give up. Not this time! I don't even feel bad at giving in this morning, it had to happen sometime.. It's me!! :-) so.. Will try again tomorrow. Matter over mind, matter over mind !!

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It's early in the morning, have you got 'early morning blues' ? You CAN do this you know, you really can. There are lots of hours left in the day to change your mind and let the matter win !!!

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Hiya these boards are always full of people being disappointed by bad runs. They happen, they are rubbish but guess what? Those same people are always back a few days later saying that they tried again and it went brilliantly!

Please don't give up when you have come this far. Give yourself a break then get back to it and you know you will be posting positively soon!!



You sound pretty positive so I have little doubt you will be posting about a successful run tomorrow. Slow and steady - you will do this.

Good luck!

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