Big Dreams

Big Dreams

Didn't much feel like a run AT ALL this morning when I set off and so I started off by doing the Stepping Stones Podcast (I could stop afterwards if I wanted to) but then carried on running through the cool down walk and before long the Edomondo voice said I was at 7k! Next came 8k!.....May as well do 10k then eh? So I did! First time doing 10k EVER! I took it very, very easy (obviously) but I did it! I have a 10k race booked in for 3rd August in York - my daughter and I are running (I managed to persuade her to join me) and I was seriously beginning to doubt I would be ready for it and thought I may have overestimated my determination. I only started running in February on the C25K Plan so all these doubts were floating around in my mind.

I am running and hoping to raise awareness and funds through in memory of my dear Dad, who sadly passed away just after Christmas whilst I was on holiday, for the Stroke Association. He had a Stroke and then a heart attack. I miss him every single day. He wasn't just my Dad. Obviously foremost he was, but he wasmy best friend. He was the one I turned to, chatted to, moaned to... etc. I think he would be laughing his head off at me running! :D BUT, he would be ever, ever so proud of me too and I am sure he would be telling people on the bus that his daughter was a "runner" whilst telling me I was mad! :D

So - my time for 10k, which included my 5 min warm up walk but not the cool down was 1 hour 14 mins. I am aware that isn't the fastest time but I am pleased I did it at least, dispelling those self doubts and stopping that inner saboteur in her tracks.

I am taking a few days to recover as I am definitely feeling it in my 47 year old joints and muscles! I even sat in a cold bath afterwards! How does anyone manage a Half Marathon or even a Marathon? Oh, and I am planning to do both but the Marathon I am saving until my 50th year. I am getting fit because I want to go to Tibet. Big dreams.....

Will do Speed next perhaps ... in a couple of days... but first... a couple of celebratory glasses of wine.

I would be delighted and heartened if anyone would like to donate to a worthwhile cause TEXT: MOAD86 £3 to 70070

Strokes do not just effect the old. Young people suffer with strokes too. Please familiarise yourself with F A C E.

Thank you to everyone who has offered me words of advice and encouragement and support. If I had just listened to everyone around me, I would still be on the couch ;)


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12 Replies

  • Wow. 10k? Congratulations and best of luck for the run in York!

  • Thanks. I needed that. I am too achey to be self congratulatory lol x

  • Wow that's fantastic, 10K! Well done! Its strange how it just creeps up on you isn't it! Enjoy your wine and your rest days x

  • Thank you. I'm pooped now! How can some people feel no ill effect I wonder?

  • Fantastic! Well done! That first 10k is a momentous thing (and I was walking like John Wayne after my first one). But it's SUCH a high. And they really do get easier as your body gets used to it.

  • I am hoping so! I dont ache quite as badly this morning. Thank you x

  • Fantastic. Congrats on the 10k. I think your Dad would be very proud indeed.

  • He would. Thanks.

  • 10k!!! - fantastic! A huge pat on the back. That really is a massive achievement.

    So sorry about your dad. I lost mine in very similar circumstances not too long ago so can sympathise and I know where you're coming from. I think it's great that you are doing all this with him in mind - and I'm sure that will keep you going. Dads leave such a big gap in a girls life don't they.

    Hope the aches and pains soon disappear today.

    And again - really well done, I know it's not easy by any stretch of the imagination!!


  • Thank you, Rupes! So sorry you are Dadless too. I don't think one ever gets over the loss of their Dad, or their Mum.

    I am looking forward to a long soak with epsom salts later :)

    How ae you doing? How was your 5k race?

    Nicki x

    (Aka Phoebe Edna Beau on FB)

  • Hi

    My Race isn't until the end of June, so got a bit more "improvement" time left yet.

    I'm still running every other day - 5k or thereabouts and have managed to get it down to @ 32 minutes. I really want to do it in 30, but the hills beat me every time!

    Did my first 6k this morning, which I'm really pleased about. I figure if I can run 6k, 5k will be a doddle (ha ha - famous last words!)

    When I've done the Race, I'm going to build up to doing 10k.

    You're doing really, really well. Are you still swimming?


  • I have been in a pool but haven't done anything hard core, more of a paddle really. My knees bear the brunt of running. I wish it wasn't so but a 5k and I need 2 days to recover. 10k and I need 3. I am doing serious stretching afterwards but nothing but not running helps it. I would love to run every other day but at this point I think I might injure myself. I ran 2 days ago now and I only just feel able to run today but I don't want to chance it so will run tomorrow. I am going to do only 1 long run a week (8 or 10k) then do speed or hill work the other two days and see if that helps. Today I am doing knee strengthening exercises but not too much.

    It is not too long away for your race. Are you feeling excited? Have you run the route you will be tackling yet? I am sure on the big day you will get swept along on all that energy and run a PB xxx

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