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Not ran for 2 weeks...first run today lost fitness!


Hi all. Well I was up to week six day three and I had a really bad run as had severe heart palpitations. Saw the gp who has arranged for tests but said I can keep running. I have just been today to get a feel for my fitness but couldn't run for four minutes without stopping. I have missed 16 days total. Just not sure how to start back again, what week etc. Gutted! Thanks in advance.

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You'll get back to fitness but it does take a while. You might even be able to pick up where you left off. Just see how it goes. I'm pleased your doc says that you can keep running.

When I was going through the menopause I got ridiculous palpitations. Quite alarming but I knew what it was and that I'd be all right

I have to have a cardio memo on soon for a week to see if they can catch them. They are very scary especially when running as i get breathless! Thanks for your reply.

Don't get too hung up on which week you go back to. Whichever you pick will inevitably feel tough as your head will be worrying in the background. Go back and pick an easy run, then move up to the next week, till you catch up to where you were and then pick up the program proper again.!

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