W1 completed :-)

W1 completed :-)

So excited,have completed week 1 on Thursday :) first 2 run were quiet easy but found it harder for the 3rd one, not sure if because grass was wet from earlier shower, but did it all the same :) was nearly taken over by a snail But did it and beat the snail to it! Cant wait for tomorrow to tackle week 2.... First time i try running in since school and that was 40 odd years ago...

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  • Congratulations and well done. A great achievement and I love the pic ;) An incentive if I ever there was one ;)

  • Brilliant! Those pesky snails can be really fast (I should know, I've raced them too!) :-) It is all very exciting every time we can complete a run. I couldn't run for bus a few weeks ago! Love the picture! :-D

  • Congratulations! I have joined you in finishing week 1. I'm taking the slow and steady route and def more like jogging but it's a start! Let's go week 2 :)!

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