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Week 6 Run 2 - Tick

Just completed this this morning trying to keep to the shade as much as possible. If I wasn't running with a friend plus being obstinate I would have thrown in the towel by now but I am so I got through it at a pace of 06:47 which was better than Week 6 Day 1 with 07:17 so I was very pleased with myself. I must say though because I've sussed out routes now it is very tempting to just run downhill just to get through it but I thought that all I would be doing is cheating myself out of an achievement so I pushed myself to the max and made myself, and my friend, run up and down a slope for the second 10 minutes at intervals of one and two minutes - I was accused of being a drill sargeant but I/we did it and I was pleased to stop! Not looking forward to Friday's 22 minute run - that will the one and only flat that we have in the area!

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