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Killed that Week 5 Day 3 Run!


Well can you or I believe it - I killed that Week 5 Day 3 run!!!!!!!!!!! Looked at my watch and thought 'oh that 1.5 mins was easy, that 3 mins was easy, that 5 mins was easy, blimey I'm at 10 mins I'm on the home stretch, just done 15 mins, just done two lots of 8 mins, okay aim for that tree, aim for that patch of sunlight, aim for that bench, do a mad dash to my friend's backside for the last 10 seconds!' When it came to logging how do you feel - my friend said put the smiley face because I was smiling as opposed to being sick in the bushes! So then we walked home (four miles as we took the long way round!) plus a reminder came up to do my seven minutes of High Intensity Training so did that as well. For the first time since doing this programme my legs are a bit achy but my friend thinks that's down to the HIT rather than the run because she aches as well and is more experienced than I am. So Week 6 Days 1 and 2 look a breeze - Bring It On! Thank you all for your support.

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Well done! W6 can feel a bit odd after the 20min run, but that 20mins is a real hurdle to get across.

Did the High Intensity this morning and I'm finding that a real challenge - it's not a pretty sight as in certain positions my body looks like a pair of festooned curtains!

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