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Week 3

Run 2 complete and a lovely day! But I must lodge a complaint with my farmer neighbour! It was extremely inconsiderate of him to be harvesting one of his fields.When tractor with trailer came hurtling down I had to stop to let it least 6 times!! But luckily I am a techno wizz and paused...Yes paused.....Laura in mid flow until I could start again...sorry Laura :-(

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I know, some people are so inconsiderate!!! I sometimes "run" on a golf course, and sometimes there are people playing golf! How dare they! That means I sometimes have to go onto the up and down bit instead of the nice flat bit at the top.

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Well done on getting the run completed despite the best efforts of the local farmer to stop you doing so. Hopefully you won't have annoyed Laura too much with all the pausing! Good luck for run three, which will hopefully be farmerless!


I just hope she is still talking to me !


She can be forgiving!


Wow that is remarkably thoughtful of you to help these people out.I hope they appreciated the sacrifice :-)


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