Couch to 5K

Hurray Week 4 done

After checking no-one was looking I did a little dance when I finished Week 4 Run1. I was quite nervous and I thought it was maybe a flukily (is that a word?) unusually good run but actually I've managed and enjoyed W4R2 and R3. Bit disappointed with the music though after really liking Week 3's music, and what's with the scary ticking clock before the last 5 minute run? I can't decide if it's Armageddon (the film) - heroes battling against time but coming through against all odds or Countdown (the TV programme) - Help! Help! I can't get more than a 3 letter word! Too stressy for me :)

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I think you should dance even if someone is watching… When I did a good run a week or two back, I ended it with a joyful cry of 'Oi dunnet!' (East Anglian for , 'I've done it!') without even thinking if anyone might be in hearing range.

And I do agree that the music is very variable. Good luck with W5 (and its tunes!)


If you've got enough energy left to do a little dance at the end you're doing well ! Keep at it..


Well done on finishing week 4 - and I'd echo that if you have the energy left, by all means dance! Good luck with week 5 - you'll start feeling the progress you made now. It's an interesting week with the three different runs and you will probably enjoy it. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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