W2R2 done in the beautiful sunshine...... but then panic set in

Morning lovely people. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are today. A beautiful early morning "run" completed :-)

But! Just at the end of the podcast Laura moved on to Wk 3 and I stupidly listened in. Now I am terrified. I can't imagine it possible that I will be able to carry on for an extra 90 secs...... Really? I manage the first 90 secs this weeks runs have, but boy, they are tough.

Please reassure me that it WILL be possible as I am terrified at the mere thought. Thank you all in advance. I'm off to work now and might not be able to answer until quite late tonight so thanks if you do reply xx

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8 Replies

  • Glad you had a good session this morning, but....(the perils of looking ahead on the podcast..... don't do it...it just causes worry and anxiety) If you follow the programme you WILL be ready for the next step even if you don't think so, it's designed to imporove your fitness bit by bit and it does. When I started I had no realistic expectation of ever being able to run for 30 mins let alone 5k but I CAN, and on run 1 I thought I was going to die... You will be absolutely fine (if a bit hot and sweaty) and definitely getting fitter.

  • G'morning! Yep, thanks, sunny where i am too!

    henpen's right, and she should know, she's a graduate! (very humbling - determined to become one too ...)

    Listening in to Laura for the NEXT week is scary! I'm only 2 runs ahead of you but honestly, truly, you'll just do it ... and then you'll be BEAMING from ear to ear! W3R1 was last night and i'm still here, survivor! Listen to Laura, everyone says so: all will be well! :-)

  • We'll done! I never look ahead in case I'm tempted to think I can't possibly run for that long. I prefer to wait until I am at my running venue then it's too late!

  • Honestly, don't stress about what's coming up in the plan. Just do what Laura says, run SLOWLY at the beginning (so you don't tire yourself out too soon & get disheartened) and plod on through. This forum is full of people who all thought "I'll never be a runner, I could never run for 30 minutes without stopping" and yet we've done it & lived to tell the tale. I think we all struggled at the beginning, but as you get through the plan, somehow, miraculously, you just manage to keep going that little bit longer each time. I know I still can't quite believe I can run 8k, and my husband can't actually comprehend that I run it without stopping ;-)To someone who hasn't done the plan, 5k can seem an unachieveable distance, but to those of us who have worked through it, it just happens. Keep running, and keep reporting back. Good luck!

  • Sunny here too… lovely run this morning! And you CAN do it. I had kittens twice - once at the shift from 3mins to 5mins and again at the prospect of that first 20min run. I managed the step up both times, which is a real testament to just how good this programme is. I'm now on W8 and my husband, like annasee's above, took a while to believe that I was running non-stop. Take it steadily, remember that you couldn't do this a few weeks back, trust the programme (a bit culty I know!) and jog on!

  • I'm sort of in the same position, but one week further on - just did W3R2 today (it went a lot better than W3R1, as the gale force winds around here have finally died off!), then my friend came round and asked whether we might run together next week. I looked ahead to W4 to see what sort of thing it was going to ask of me (so I could warn her just how slow I would be) and whoa - 5 minutes running?! I've managed to do 3 minutes twice on each session this week, but to jump up to 5 feels impossible! So I'm putting my trust in everyone who has trodden this path before us and believing that even though it feels like an impossible task, I will find that my body is able to rise to the challenge. And if the worst comes to the worst, I can always repeat W3 till I get stronger. Good luck! :)

  • Don't worry honey...you CAN do it! Trust Laura and just take each run as a doable challenge. If you wish, you could always repeat some to reassure yourself ....we're all on highly individual journeys....best of luck!

  • Thank you so much everyone for your comments. I really appreciate them. Each one of you has reassured me that if I stick to the plan then I will be alright. Got a friend coming tomorrow who will help to spur me on for W2R3 although I quite enjoyed it yesterday. Still can't imagine being able to run for those extra 90 mins, but as tomlertoos says I can always repeat W2 if I need to to build up my stamina/ability. Have made Mon, Wed and Fri my running mornings too and told hubby who is amazed I'm still going. But knowing I've committed to a local 16k-ish trail/obstacle Muddy run up and around the hills here next March is spurring me on - 38 other local mums signed up too and they are all uber-fit!! My running buddy can come next Mon which I'm pleased about as she is encouraging without being ridiculous!

    Thanks again folks for your reassuring words. I will keep you posted on Monday - assuming I've not been hospitalised lol

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