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Sore! :-(

Hi all,

I did a big hill walk on Saturday and then Sunday did my 30 minute run (week 9, run 1). I woke up yesterday pretty sore but played some tennis last night. Today was really sore in my thighs so didn't go to my usual Zumba class as didn't want to make anything worse. Did a swim instead to stretch out and have had a bath and put some deep heat on my legs.

My question is - I'm supposed to do week 9, run 2 tomorrow and wondering if should just go for it or would that be silly after being in pain yesterday and today? I wouldn't be going until 6pm ish so still a good few hours away. Really wanted to finish week 9 this week! The pain is more muscle stiffness and ache rather than joint pain or anything like that

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Thank you! I know can you believe we are nearly finished week 9? Never thought I would get here?

Yes the better weather has got me a bit over excited and think have done too much.

It definitely feels like stiff muscles rather than joint pain or any sinister two he's but don't want to risk injury by thinking it's ok?


So, you went for a long hill walk. The following day you ran for 30 minutes, played tennis, but decided to skip Zumba. Wow, that is a lot of exercise!

I think I would rest that for a couple of days, some light exercise like walking (short/flat) and stretching (gently). No point in doing W9R2, then finding you are in no shape at all for the big one.

Take it easy and good luck for your last two runs.

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