Couch to 5K


I'm itching to do my W5R2 and have waited two days but my knee still doesn't feel right. It's clicking now too, it doesn't hurt to come downstairs or walk any more but when I walked the dog today I had a couple of twinges and it aches a little.

I want to go tomorrow but I should probably leave it shouldn't I? Anyone else had this problem? I really hope this isn't going to screw things up for me, as I LOVE doing c25k :(

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Why not see how it feels tomorrow? You could go for a light jog and if it's ok then continue. However, as Kitty said another 24 hours could see it fully recovered. xxxh


Thanks both for your encouragement :-)


As it's still not right and you have a further symptom (the clicking) I would advise you to make an appointment with your GP today. Probably best not to run on it either until it is properly healed. I hope it gets sorted soon as you must be feeling frustrated but better not to risk further injury that could put you out of action for even longer. Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo, but I was naughty and went this morning (I know, I know!!) and it feels okay!! I couldn't resist trying with the thought that I would stop at the first sign of trouble. It was a little sore at the end, but some immediate stretches have helped.

I have made an appointment with my Dr though but I have to wait over a week so until then I will take it slow with a view to halting if needs be.

I love this running milarky so much!


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