Should I think about my diet more now?

On week 6 of the programme and my main motivation for starting was to get fit and run in Race for Life in June. I have never been overweight and kept a fairly steady weight since my late 20's. However since starting c25k my weight has started to go up -over 6lbs since starting! I am now beginning to think I should change my diet but having never had to think much about food before It's a minefield out there and any advice would be welcome. I have found I am more hungry now but what are the best foods......I don't want to put on any more pounds!


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  • I don't think it's ever a bad thing to start looking to improve your overall diet, that's what I've started doing since taking up the c25k. I've downloaded the free app 'my fitness pal' which, as well as being a calorie counter, also shows what certain foods contain ie sugars, fats, carbs etc, which I find very useful to show where I can cut back. Also remember that when you train and develop muscle, that will add to your overall weight (muscle is heavier than fat).

  • You won't be building muscle and you don't need extra food at this stage in your running. You will need a wholesome diet to keep you sustained though. Just eat healthily and you'll be fine

  • You are building muscle all sports will give you more muscle even running, so don't worry eat healthy and you'll be fine.

  • I had put on about 4 lbs since I started running, (I'm doing W6R3 tomorrow) but due to the advice of another C25Ker, I have started the 5:2 diet after watching the Horizon documentary (see link below) I have been doing this for just a week, and have lost all the weight I put on. I really recommend you watch it, the scientific health benefits are amazing, and best of all, 5 days of the week you can eat and drink what you like.

  • I've heard people talk about the 5:2 diet but didn't know what it was exactly. Just watched the Horizon documentary and it was fascinating. Thanks for the link ;)

  • Three stone off in six months on 5:2 - going from a size 16 to a 10 - and I've maintained now for over a year by just fasting one day a week - and running around 5k three times a week. It's the best way of life ever!

    Don't eat to compensate for your exercise - those exercise calories are a bonus if you want to lose weight. On my fasting days MyFitnessPal would often show a minus figure, but it's only on the fasting days, not every day.

    This article is interesting

  • Wow thanks everyone for the great feedback. I used fitness pal a ling time ago so will get back on it as I agree it's excellent for getting you tuned in to calories and healthy foods. I have never tried the 5:2 but after watching the excellent link I think that sounds good and would suit my lifestyle too. Many thanks treehouse. Doing my w6r3 this evening so good luck tomorrow treemouse.

  • Whats you MFP name? I am Nilzed there too.

  • Only used it last year so don't think mine is active and with all these podcats and running apps to use I think I will leave it for the time being. Thanks for asking.

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