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Rain, rain go away? Oh ok then, don't!

Help! Up to now I've been doing my runs just holding on to my phone in my hand (headphones wire down sleeve of hoody).

I do have an armband thing but not used it yet cos it seems so fiddly! But with the rain at the moment I'm thinking I might have to use it sooner rather than later to protect my phone from getting wet.

Anybody got any useful tips for running in the rain? Will my earphones be okay getting wet?

Please help a newbie out :) xx

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I have just bought a arm band type holder for my iPhone which is apparently waterproof from Aldi about £12. I have yet to try it out as I tend to use a moneybag thing which I can keep my keys in as well. Happy rain running :-)


I use a running belt which holds my keys as well. I hardly know its there and it is definitely waterproof as its made of neoprene. Found an arm band a bit annoying so happier with this arrangement. I used to run holding my phone as well but you will find it much easier with it out of the way.


I hate to break it to you , but neoprene is not waterproof. It is used to make wetsuits (there's a clue in the name). Wetsuits work by letting the water in but keeping it from moving around so your body warms it up and it forms insulation.


That makes total sense. But it does worry me. Maybe there's a cheapo mp3 player on the horizon for me instead of the expensive iPhone.


Hi Spiky Whilst I pop my phone into a vest strap. I use one of these on my long runs. The middle pouch fits a phone in securely:

Hope it helps and good luck with the rest of the programme!


I have an armband for my iPod, I can't see the control while it's on so I just set it all up running and press pause till I'm out the door and ready to go. It's not that bad, not brilliant but better than the alternative.

I currently have a rather unorthodox location for my phone and that's down my sport bra.

But I am hoping to make a running belt as I think that's probably the best solution.


I wear lycra type knicker shorts with running tights and store my phone on top of my knickers but under my tights. I have been doing this since I began 10 or so weeks ago but I don't recommend it as it tends to move around and I have to prod it back into place occasionally throughout my run.

I thought about the arm band and it is still a consideration but I am considering a running belt to store my bits n bobs in so I will see how I go with that. I don't use ear phones as I find the wires a major annoyance and as I am deaf in one ear there is one ear bud dangling uselessly flapping about adding to my irritation. None of this nakes for a happy run what with phone tucked away in my pants! I use the blue tooth earpiece and wouldn't switch for all the tea in China :)



I try to avoid running in the rain unless it is a very light drizzle (I'm a wimp). However, I do have some waterproof running gear and the top has deep pockets so I put my phone in there. I have a cheap MP3 player for the podcasts though and I wear that as normal - so far it's been okay (I've not been out in heavy rain) but is so cheap it could be easily replaced. Good luck with finding something that works for you and best wishes.


I use a armband holder for my fone when your fone/ipod is u can access it easily through the plastic screen don't need to take it out the arm band till I get home ....and use a head band

over my ears to keep my headphones in (as I have wee ears) so far I have not had any problems.

good luck..


I have put my iphone in a bag from Kellogs cereal selection when its raining. It works a treat as its just the right size ( but remove the Frosties first!!). Oh and earphones seem fine in the rain :)


I've got a little zip pocket in the back of my capri's for my iphone, and just run the earphone wire up the back of my top. I havn't had any probs with my earphones in the rain. I have used one of those armband thingys and they work ok. I love running in the rain as I don't get too hot!!!


Thanks for the advice everyone! :) Think I'll give my armband a go next time ;) xx


I am about to 'spoil' the armband thing by saying that I use an armband, but am on the verge of giving up and trying something else, as it appears to be giving up the ghost as far as staying on is concerned - I may try some of the above if I can get a bigger belt - the one I have is only just big enough for keys......


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