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new  pb

well that went quite well a very nice and calm run out into the country and back into cambridge rolling hills and meadows all the way and 50 seconds of my old time had 3 gels today i never take water just drink 5 pints before ,i was very drained for the last mile as i always am i think the mind plays tricks on us some times but im getting near the the target of 1.40 with 3 long runs to its in sight happy running all

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Fabulous... Well done that sounds like a great run....


142.02 for hm time thats 1.39 sec off cambridge time were getting there j you have fun today and will look to see how you got on happy running


Well done moger! How on earth do you do it without water?!!! I'm gasping after my first km. x


i drinks pint s and pints the day b4 and have 4 pints b4 i go the gels help hit the half m mark at 142.02 so i knocked nearly a min and a half off


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