Another question - about distance

What's a decent distance for weeks 2 and 3? I've just measured the way I went this morning (including warm up and down) for the whole of W2R3, and I got to 3.8km. Does that sound about right? I'm not really measuring anything else - speed, heart rate, etc. Just going to half way and turning round. I know it's about the long haul, but I'm interested to know if I'm on track for 5K at W9 or not.


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  • Very few people achieve 5k at week 9 in the 30 minutes. This is something you work on after graduation. The focus of the programme is to keep things slow and steady and build stamina so that you can run for a bit more time each week. No-one can predict whether you are on track for a certain distance at a certain time - there are so many variables. I think it's a case of being patient and enjoying the programme at the moment. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

  • Thank you! I'm a bit impatient, I guess. Having metaphorically sat on the couch for 4 years, I am eager to turn myself around. But the advice I'd give to other people is that it's about the long haul, not the short term. So I'll try to listen to myself and all you good people on here! Just about to do W3R1, when phone is charged sufficiently!

  • Distance is irrelevant at this early stage. Everyone will be running different distances depending on their underlying level of fitness. I have no idea what mine was at Wk 2/3. I was just glad to finish the intervals! The programme is about running for 30 minutes non-stop, NOT running 5K, by Week 9. Pushing yourself to run 5k may just lead to injury.

    The only important thing is that you follow the programme, keep to the timings and most important of all - stay injury free! Once you've managed the 30 minutes non-stop running then you can start to think about distance.

    Having said that - I think you're doing fine, just don't try to do too much too soon!

  • Yes, you're right. Even 30 mins non-stop will be a huge achievement! Just about to do W3R1, when phone is charged...

  • Dottie-may, love your reply it makes complete sense

  • Fitmo is right. A good competitive and self challenging attitude will hold you in good stead but being too obsessed by distance covered at this early stage might become demotivating, should you not match up to your expectations. The aim of the programme is to get you running for 30 minutes by week 9 and it has a remarkable success rate. Good luck.

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. 30 mins would be a great start anyway! Actually 3 mins is a good start (just about to undertake W3R1) Have a lovely bank holiday.

  • I've been thinking about this a fair bit too, wondering if I could keep it in mind for an eventual 5k in 30 mins result, but I've come to the conclusion that getting the right pace means I can run the time. If I get the pace too fast I'm going to lose time over all through having to stop.

    I'll just be happy to run for 30 mins now! Sounds like the rest will follow.

  • Interesting question and some great replies. I've just completed w2r1 tonight and I'd covered 2.2k. However, I'm not really concerned about the distance. As others have said, the goal at this early stage is just being able to run for 30 minutes and that's what I'm aiming for.

    Having said that, I'm planning on upping my speed by 0.5 km/h each week. My first week was run at 6km/h and my second week I'm running at 6.5km/h. If I continue upping my speed this way, then by week 9 I may be running at 10km/h which would mean a 5k in 30 minutes (if my maths is correct!). But, if I think this plan is having a negative impact on my c25k then the speed increase will be scrapped ;),

  • Be very, very careful. I tried increasing my speed & distance by 10% instead of just one or other & my knees & hips played up badly & if I'd kept that up I would be in trouble now.

  • I will :) As I say, if I feel it's having a negative effect then I will stop the increase. At the moment I'm completing each run with lots in reserve and hardly breaking a sweat so, at the moment, I feel the increase is very doable but I won't take any unnecessary risks ;)

  • Can I ask how you're calculating your speed? Just by measuring and timing, or do you have a more technological method? Thanks :)

  • I'm using a treadmill/running machine so I can set the speed I want to run/walk at and that way keep a steady/constant pace.

  • Doh! Of course... Thanks :-)

  • Lol. No worries ;)

  • I think it's important that you find "your own pace". In the early stages of the programme distance is irrelevant as you're building up fitness and stamina rather than worrying about how far (or how fast) you're running. Once you're up to week 8 and 9 you're running 28-30 minutes non-stop which is about stamina and endurance (not pace). If you happen to be running 5k in that 30 minutes then "good for you" - if not then "good for you"... everyone has a different pace and once you can run 30 minutes you can work on pacing (if you want to). I run on my own as I enjoy not thinking I need to keep up with anyone else..

    Pushing yourself above your limits too fast and too early could cause injury so be careful. Stay with what feels comfortable as injury or failure due to over exertion could put you back... don't be tempted yet... :)

    Good luck and "happy running"...

  • Thank you :) Quality not quantity seems to be the order of the day (as it is in so much of life). Have a great bank holiday.

  • I think they should re name! I ran 5k about 8 wk after graduation in 35 min. I also found as I was running longer time interval my overall distance went down initiqlly as my pace slowed to make sure i didn't get too tired! As others say just focus on getting tgrough the program. It will come :)

  • Hey, thanks! I was thinking that too about the re-naming...

    But I see you are both a total beginner and a graduate, so together you and the programme must be doing something right :)

    Did my second run of W3 this morning. Not quite as hard as last time...

  • Hi, I know this is a late response but it's a subject I'm currently keen on. This morning I completed W8R2 and have begun to think about distance - up to now, (and will up to the end of the programme), I've concentrated on the time - doing the minutes - haven't got much of a clue really about the distance.

    So I'm looking into smartphone apps to give me the info on speed and distance. Don't expect I'll be brave enough to give whichever one I select until after graduation, but I'm most interested in the results.

    You must be further on now, so hope it's all gone well, and you successfully graduate soon (if you haven't already that is!).

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately I had a setback! I fell down the stairs and think I cracked my coccyx, so only just got back on it yesterday. Back to W3R1 - didn't want to give myself too much physical and mental stress. However, good news is that I could do it without any significant pain, and I managed the whole run/walk sequence. Back out again tomorrow!

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