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slow week

two run s thus far this week 5k23.12 and 2x5k today ive decided to run to the pool and swim a mile and run back 24.00 and 24.30 hence slow week i seem to get this now and again where i have to push on every run and no matter how fast i go my times are just normal it could be the training for half again and i need a rest but my legs do feel tired this week maybe too many ankle hopping exercises physio tomorrow he going to tell me off ,he told me to wash my shoes and that he does not want to see the heels of my shoes dirty as im not ment to have my heel touching the ground at all now i might have to lie and give the back a little wash shhhhhhhh 15 miles to do on sun onward and upward people happy running all

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Im not surprised you feel tired...your stats are amazing and flipping heck thats a lot of exercise...remember that recovery is essential in take care Mr Moger...


will do mrs j hope your rocking as well run good


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