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Week 8, Run 2 - slow but did it anyway


Due to work commitments of working nights at the start of the week and then a completely messed up body clock, I completed week 8, run 2 this morning.

I think my body clock had an impact on my performance as I was a little slower than usual but I still completed the whole run (yay!) :-)

I altered my route slightly as at the start of my run I had a weirdo keep turning back to look at me (as he never seen anyone run before :-s ) my route had a few more inclines which also slowed me down a little.

When the going got tough, I used markers to keep me going such as "keep going till the next tree" etc which helped. On my cool down walk, I covered some of my old route in the earlier week and was amazes again how far I've come.

Looking forward to my final run of week eight and then moving on to my graduation week :-)

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Well look at you Clare! Almost into graduate week! I remember when you joined this community and then a few of your setbacks, I can't believe you are in week 8! Where has the time gone? Brilliant work and off to prepare for a grad party! :-) Gayle


Well done Clare! You are almost there - the finish line is now in sight so I will be helping Gayle with the party prep! Sue x

gdeannGraduate in reply to SBG356

Oh YES! We do love our party plans and celebrating! :-) I think Clare will love the pinks and purples we have picked out, don't you? ;-)

SBG356Graduate in reply to gdeann

Gayle - you are SO on my wave length! Are you sure we are not related??!

gdeannGraduate in reply to SBG356

We must be! We both love to shop! ;-) shhhh! Don't tell Steve!


:-) I'm lovin' the pink and purple grad party theme girls. Four more runs and I'll be there :-)

Well done Clare!

"Keep going to the next tree" is a very familiar thought here. Have you been to the T-shirt site to pick out what colour you'd like yet? Decision time is getting very close!

Good luck with run 3 and all next week :-)

PS I love your photos :-)

Clare7645Graduate in reply to thinnerandfitter

You know I might just do that :-)


Marvelously done, Clare!! You will be sporting that new "Graduate" badge before you know it!!

I hope that I get invited to your party!! It sounds like it will be a great one with those two ladies doing the planning!! :-)

Good luck on the last few runs and get ready to shine that badge!!

Keep Running!! :-)


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