Mini trampoline

Hi all , has anyone on here used one of these ? I can't run because of sore hip , god knows how long i will be out of action this time ! Not taking any chances do not want to lose my fitness ( again ) so I'm getting one of these while it gets right to jog on , along with cycling & a bit of swimming .just want to ask are they any good ? Just while I get back out there , don't think I will be long , but you never know with my body , lol .

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  • I have one. I used it to to help build up my cardio fitness before I started running. I got one with 6 legs as I was told they were more stable. I could build up quite a sweat on it and I simulated running, It seemed to be very easy on the joints. I still think about getting it out again for days off as it is fun. I always found it brough a childish smile to my face. Good luck and I hope you recover soon.

  • Thanks for your reply , I'm going to get one from Argos later , I cycle no probs & been jogging on the bed to see if it annoys the hip it doesn't ha ha , it's just that forward lunge when my foot hits the ground that sets it off . Walking not too bad , swimming fine , also cycling it's strange , anyway I'm not risking losing fitness this time can't wait t get jogging . Thanks again & happy & safe running

  • You've graduated so I am assuming so, but have you been fitted for trainers / had gait analysis done?

  • Yes got trainers from sweatshop after gait analyst . I think even though I got injury while running , it's not running related, it's a refered pain from my back I'm sure of it .

  • Bummer! Take it easy then, although not the same when my knee gave up I did the bike for a few months, really helped - but boring as hell compared to running.

  • I know , I enjoy cycling outdoors , almost as much as I do running , do you mean stationary bike ? I'm just waiting for new bike as my trusty old one is on it's last legs ,

  • Yeah, I do the stationary bike sorry.

  • Yes I know what u mean , I find that boring too .

  • Reading your posts I'm wondering that if you shortened your stride while out running it may help. If you can jog on the spot it may be that you have over stretched your gluteus muscles, just a thought. I'm not a great lover of these bouncy gadgets myself would be frightened I bounced off and broke a hip or arm etc. Hope your pain settles down soon though it can be very frustrating.

  • Thanks oldgirl , I think I've done this with pre run stretches for the ankle , I have to put weight on bent knee behind me & bend front knee & hold for 30 secs I'm positive it's that coz I got back pain after & it's moved into hip

  • You know what I think your right about that muscle

  • I bought a mini trampoline a month a go. I am in pain most days so I find it hard to exercise as well as working part time. I use the trampoline every day. There are some good 10 minute exercises on you tube or you can bounce and jog to music or while watching TV. I have not found it hard on my joints or muscles. Give it a go. Don't forget to wear a good supporting bra.

  • Thanks I'm just on my way now , what's to lose I'm going to give it a try . It's handy to have in case of further injury too in my case , I seem to allways be in that position since I started running lol . Glad you are enjoying it .

  • I live too far away from a gym to make visiting regularly viable so I have a mini- trampoline, kettlebell and weights which I use daily along with other exercise programmes (Planking, stretching, zumba etc) When I started running I jogged on the mini-tramp which helped build up strength in my legs as well as cardio exercise.

    I'm a bit of a 'fair weather runner' so the mini-tramp is great on days when it is too wet, windy or snowy to go out. I use it for 30 mins in conjunction with one of the C25K podcasts.

  • Yes I use it a lot. I used to demonstrate them and understand the benefits. The advantage is that there is minimal stress on the skeleton. Run, jump or just bounce, what ever routine you would normally do on the ground you can safely do on a rebounder. Worth getting a good one as it will last you for years. Warning, don't let kids play on it, its not a toy. Finally, the very best thing about bouncing is that it's fun and should make you enjoy your session. Good luck, have fun.

  • Thanks for your reply , I read reviews on Argos & they where good for pro fitness trampette , it was £30 , I just want it while I recover , to keep up the cardio , funny thing is I've just been jogging on it for a few mins to test it out & took it upstairs to see if it fits under the bed & for first time in days no twinge from hip lol , it's a miracle . By the way it's really good , I enjoyed it going to have a proper go tonight . Do I have to stretch or warm up before I use it ?

  • Have a look at this 15 min workout - it's as good as any I've seen

  • Thanks renka looks good I'll try it later

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