I started wkr1 just before Christmas, but ended up in hospital for an asthma attack. Unrelated to my run!!

Now I have just had my ovaries removed, and I can't seem to find the right time to start all over again.

I have been reading lots of posts from you guys since Christmas, and alot of you say about having gait analysis.

Where could I get this done, and roughly how much does this cost?

Many thanks


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6 Replies

  • hi, you can get it done at specialist running shops ie run and become or run4it are 2 in my area

    it usually doesn't cost anything

    good luck x

  • Specialist running shops and sometimes a big chain shop (such as Go Outdoors) do this. I'd recommend a dedicated running shop though such as Up and Running. It normally doesn't cost anything but, if you don't buy the recommended shoes from them then some shops do charge for the gait analysis service. How it works is: You wear a pair of trainers that you normally wear. The shop will then ask you to run on a treadmill whilst they video you from behind from the knee downwards. You usually run on the treadmill for a couple of minutes. They then play back the video so you can see what your gait is like on the screen. It shows whether your foot rolls inwards, outward or straight. Depending on the findings, the shop will offer you several pairs of running shoes to try on which are suited to your gait. For example, my foot rolls inwards which is known as over-pronation and so I have a running shoe that corrects that. You will then try out the ones that feel most comfortable by running on the treadmill again. In my case they also filmed me in my preferred shoes to show that I was now running straight with no foot roll. You then buy the correct shoes - and be warned they are quite pricey - on average about £80 - £90 a pair. It's well worth it though because it reduces the risk of running related injuries. Good luck and best wishes.

  • I agree with Fitmo. Well worth having done. I went to SweatShop. I believe they are a national chain. The guy was great. Didn't charge me anything for the analysis. I told him my limited budget at the outset and he dug out some pairs of shoes that were last year's models for me to try. I spent about £45 I seem to recall. Fantastically comfortable top-of-the-range shoes & less than half the price of this year's model.

  • Really interesting thread. I may have to look further into this.

  • I have just done this as my marathon running brothers were horrified by the old trainers I had got to week 7 in. I have now got a pair of beautifully fitting running shoes,but oh my goodness they are revolting colour wise. The nice plain black ones didn't fit, nor did any other ones that might have been acceptable. What are these sportswear designers on ? Anyway I now have to run with my chin up so I can't see my feet....and my knees don't hurt.

  • I had lots of muscle problems when I started and had gait analysis done at run4it. Didn't look back with new trainers. The folk in these shops are usually generally keen to help and as ChrisL said, sometimes offer older models or even don't mind if you go away and buy them cheaper online.

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