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My 10k Challenge - I need help!

My 10k Challenge - I need help!

Hi everyone. Having discovered, almost by accident, that I can actually run 10k - only three weeks ago I had never done more than 5 - I have decided to put this to good use and help raise money for a great local charity run by some friends of mine. They are organising a number of runs (10k, half marathon and marathon) on 3rd May. Not wishing to overdo it, I've entered the 10k (maybe leave the marathon 'til next year :))

Running request first: any tips on how to best manage the warm-up walk and then keep muscles warmed up until the start of the run? I obviously don't want to walk the first 5 mins of the run itself, but have no idea how these things normally work. This is the first time I'll have run other than on my own.

Second request: please consider supporting me. Adventure Plus is a great charity that works to provide outdoor experiences for young people and really does change lives. They are working to raise money to buy a site to create their own Adventure Base. I've set myself the crazy target of raising £1,000 in less than 2 weeks, but that could be a lot of people giving a little - so I'm after everyone I can reach.

To support me, pop over to my Virgin Giving page at

To find out more about the Adventure Base go to

Thank you.

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I would just do the warm up walk before the start, usually at these organised events they get a fitness person who does a warm up routine - stretching, side stepping etc which probably compensates for your warm up walk.

Good luck and enjoy


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