What a disapointing mess. About to start W2R1 and I couldnt get Laura , not sure where she was at but not on my phone ! I got all frustrated and finally left the house using another app but that was set on week 3 and kept going down on me , I decided after listening to you all, a bad run was better then no run so kept going, all very hit and miss. The good thing is I found a route I like and I think I jogged for 2 full minutes, so not all was lost. I might get a cheap mp3 today as the phone is driving me nuts ( Oh and I did discover I brisk walk faster then I jog, but again that was listening to you all, I stopped trying to go fast but further and it worked, love this site )


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  • Yep, I definitely walk faster than I jog, but jogging certainly does more for strengthening & energy building. Well done on persevering, the hardest thing for me was the technology of getting Laura on to an I Pod.

    She got me through to graduation but I now feel I prefer to listen to the birds, the river, new born lambs and the sea.

  • Hooray for sons, hes got me an mp3 and is loading it for me, bless him

  • See the pain all those years ago in labour ward were worth it Judes Sons do have their uses

  • Wonderful news! Wonderful son! The plan with Laura is really good and I can't believe how much I have progressed with it and managed to get to the final run in week 8. I definitely will be completing it and I am sure you will do it too so keep up the good work, remember to post your achievements as it is inspiration for others xxx

  • Well done for sticking with it Jude. Equipment niggles do your head in don't they but now you have an mp3 player you should be fine, wires permitting. I get into all sorts of tangles with mine which I sort out mid run usually, with much "dam*ing and blasting.

    I wish you better luck with your next run. Keep runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning

  • I was just about to suggest a budget price MP3 player (it's what I've used all the way through) when you posted that your son has bought you one. I think you will find it a lot easier than an app - just remember to keep it charged as mine cut out a couple of times when I didn't charge it in time. Still, on the whole it has proved reliable and, from what a lot of people have said about apps, I'm glad I went for the MP3 instead. You did well to keep at the run today without Laura - I can't run without her at the moment - so try not to be too disappointed, there is always the next run to put it right. Good luck with your next run, enjoy the MP3 and best wishes to you.

  • Oh Judes, bless you, hope you get sorted.xx

  • Well done on completing your run and good luck with the MP3 player. I'm currently using my phone, but I am struggling on how to have it on me without dropping or breaking it. I did however manage to find a little bag which seems about right. I try to run run keeper as well as my podcast and it seems to be struggling. May have to upgrade to a new phone soon :). Good luck with the next run and enjoy your new mp3 player.

  • Go to an Optometrist and see if they have any old soft spectacle cases with a clip on the back -- bit like the old spectacle cases that we see Engineering nerds wear in their pockets in old movies. I have one and my phone fits nicely in it, earphone cable comes out the top and the case clips over my belt of pants elastic around my waist. Something like this - cheap as chips images.monstermarketplace.c...

  • Well done Jude for turning disaster into success...I'm in awe of your resourcefulness....your 'run' seemed to end on a more positive note. I well remember how I couldn't access WK2 and having spent 30 minutes trying to solve the problem, went out with my son's stopwatch. Felt a total idiot running/walking along looking like Buzz Lightyear!! It will be miles better now you're set up with mp3...