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Forgive me father, for I have sinned

It has been over a week since my last run. I had built up to a regular 5k twice on weekday evenings after work with a slightly longer distance at the weekend. I was on the cusp of a 30 minute 5k time and things were looking good. Then it all fell apart. I had some social engagements in the week before Easter that blocked my after-work running times, and I was staying with family for the long weekend where I was over-committed to social events that prevented me getting out.

Today was back to work, and after work, back out for a run. Oh dear, it was shockingly bad. I set out at what I thought was a modest pace, but my legs felt like lead. Too much inactivity and too much Easter chocolate, and I just lost my form. I set out at what I thought was a modest pace, but after 1k it was clear I was in no state to complete my usual 5k. I took a shortcut from my usual loop and stopped running after 20 minutes, covering a little over 3k. Oh dear, what have I done! Hopefully it won't take too long to get back into my old routine.

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Give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there today and for sticking with it when it probably crossed your mind to stop after 1km. Build it back up over a few runs and I think that you'll soon be back to your old form.


I'd just put it down to one of those days when you're not at your best. We all have those. You still ran. I fimd if I think the run is going to be difficult and I set myself up mentally for a real toughy it's quite easy. I am sure your next run will be good xxx


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