Couch to 5K

Knee keeps giving way after my run :(

I've done the programme before and then stopped due to work. Started again recently and just completed week 4. After the last two runs, whilst doing the warm down walk my right knee has given way, almost as though it's gone backwards?! It's not painful as such after but it's not a nice feeling when it happens. I've iced it and done my stretches and then it's not re occurred. Ideas??? What's going on :(

Ps I have good trainers, custom insoles etc so don't think it's gait related.

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not sure what is going on, but have you tried a knee support? I dont really have any knowledge of knees, sorry, but you can get fairly cheap supports in boots, or superdrug, so may be worth a try?


Try some knee strengthening exercises. There is a big muscle above the knee that helps support it. If you stand on right leg sideways on a step/stair with left leg lifted and knee bent slightly and do knee dips, 10 each leg then turn around and repeat 10 dips standing on left leg with right leg lifted slightly, repeat each leg 3 times. (30 dips in total) That will help build up that muscle. You could also google knee strengthening exercises and find more but that's one I got from a sports physio when I had a torn cartilage from skiing. Hope it makes sense and helps.


Thank you. Will def try that and maybe have a google as well. Just bizarre it happens after a run and not before or during but suppose I've loosened all the muscles up and it shows the weaknesses.


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