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First 1 hour run today !

Today's target was 6km. I had hoped to do it in under an hour (because last Wednesday I did 5km in 41 minutes) but the pace just wasn't there, so I settled for taking it slowly and ended up doing the full hour ! It was cooler than its been for a while, and I was running into the wind for quite a while. First time in a wee while that I was aware of fighting a mental battle as much as a physical one.

Think i didn't drink soon enough after getting back though. I had a banana, a mug of tea and a large glass of water before I went out. When I got home I had my shower and pottered about a bit before drinking and having more to eat. A hour later I ended up going for a lie down because I had a sudden wave of nausea. Does that sound plausible ? (Slightly worried because I've been fighting off viral labrynthitis since Christmas, so I'm really hoping this isn't a relapse.)

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Well done you. That's a fantastic milestone to have conquered. I know exactly what you mean, I have increased my time and I have noticed that I was getting a bit shivery a couple of hours after the run. It was after I have pushed myself for 45- 1.5 hours solid exercise. The thing I have started to do which I find helps me is when I come in I have glass of semi skimmed milk and two whole grain cracker each with 1 tbs peanutbutter on. This gives me carbs and protein. Some swear by banana smoothie with a handful of almonds. It's maybe worth trying a few different things to see if it helps. I think technically your muscles want to heal and replace lost carbs and protein and they say it good to give them that before and hour and half has passed. I hope that helps.


Thanks RFC ! Will be more careful about refueling next time.


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