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Week 3 done! Can't believe I'm a third of a way in!

Week 3 Run 3 done and dusted this evening! Fairly uneventful run only slightly hindered by a bit of a twinge in my right knee (I've put some ice on it) and having a cat object to me running past its garden by jumping out at me! I haven't found this week too demanding, so looking forward to stepping up to Week 4! Can't believe I'm a third of the way already!

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Well done and congratulations, Debs! :-) Great feeling, isn't it? I've just completed week three this morning myself. Slowly and steadily we're getting there! The objectionable feline (sounds like a pub name does that...) does sound like quite a thing; one would expect that from a dog, but not a cat. Mind you, cats object to most things, don't they? Mine certainly does! My incident of the week was in run two, on Wednesday, when I was just exiting an underpass, at a nice, steady pace, placed in the middle to give me time to react should anything unexpected suddenly appear from around the blind corners. Which it duly did, in the form of a bicyclist absolutely barrelling around the corner. Don't know who was most surprised, him or me. A collision was, somehow, avoided and we went on our way. Beware the dangers of underpasses! And objectionable kitties!

Good luck for week four! :-)


Well done on completing week 3. Surprising how quickly the weeks fly by isn't it? Good luck with week 4 and best wishes.


Well done Debs, am doing my 3rd run very soon, been working quite late so had to reschedule my days this week!! Wk4 starting on Sunday but can't believe I am here

Already, good luck for next week

Best regards


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