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Thanks to all the supporting suggestions on how to tackle initial exhaustion W5r2 went very well - now looking forward to the big one!

After reading lots of supportive and informative posts about w5r3 l am actually looking forward to the challenge. Just got back from w5r2 and today for the first time managed to go a wee bit faster upon hearing there were just 60 secs left. I have to say I am a very slow runner, so to rev it up a bit was a great achievement and I am tired but very happy. Also my first 8 minutes were somehow easier today, it wasn't as much of a slog and I got my thoughts to wander to no-excuse's "ludicrous list-making" suggestion and not the usual "Oh wow this is hard work". That really helped. Thanks no-excuse and all you forum people that make this C25k a joy to be a part of.

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You are very welcome! Glad you found the list making helpful. I don't know why I started with the phonetic alphabet but it distracts *me*, to make things even more distracting I start actually using it for name spelling instead of just A-Z! Exciting life I lead eh! But you are so right about this forum, I know without doubt I would never have completed this without everyone's support. Take it steady with R3 x


Well done - this was the week where I really started to feel a big improvement. Good luck with run 3 - you will be fine. Best wishes.


Thank you both for your encouragement. Life is good :-)


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