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Carrying water now its getting warmer (for those in warmer climates)

My apologies if this is a FAQ.... I seem to remember discussion around the idea that for the times and distances involved in c25k, taking water along isn't really essential, if you start out well hydrated.

But I live in South-East France, so I'm wondering if it would be wise to start taking some along now its getting warmer.... I'm also working on increasing time and distance, with a goal of reaching 10k, so presumably at some point water does become essential ? If yes, how do folk carry it ? (Will also be adding a sunhat to running kit!)

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Not carrying any water yet. Not even for 10 k. I take a sucky sweet in my pocket to save for when I reach the half way point. This might well change when the weather warms up. I hate carrying anything though. If I get a water bottle it will be the smaller one of those with the hole in the middle for gripping


I'm in Lebanon and it's at a temperature now that gets described by many in the uk as "hot". I always used to take one of those water bottles with a hole in once I got hold of one (I'd have been on about week 6 and running in the uk at that point). Recently, I've not worried about taking it with me for a 5km run, although I do think that for longer runs and warmer temps it's vital. I worked up to 10k in the winter and always took it. I've started taking it with me again now that the temp is often around 20 degrees when I'm running, but only have a couple of sips on the way round and then drink more while I'm on my warm down walk. When it was hot last summer in the uk (I know, I know, actually "hot"!), I think I tipped some over my forehead in an attempt to cool down, so for longer runs and warmer temperatures then I would recommend it. You should be able to get one of those bottles in a sports shop or online. Or if they don't sell them in France then get someone to buy one from sports direct and have them post it to you.

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Thanks RNB ! Here we're unseasonably warm at the moment (mid 20s in the afternoons). In summer we can get up into the high 30s - but I obviously won't be going out in that. I'm kind of anticipating switching running for swimming in July/August...


I have always taken water with me, I don't manage well otherwise. Maybe because I haven't really got my breathing fully sorted yet. I don't like carrying it but I manage. I use one of the small ones with the hole through for carrying which makes it a bit less cumbersome. x


I'm not running long enough distances yet to need to take water with my, but I do like to have my hands free when running. I have got a running backpack which I use for things like my house keys and mobile, and it's small enough to be light, but big enough to carry a 500ml bottle of water. I find that (at the moment) that is enough for me.


I've got this as I always get thirsty even during 5km

It's a bit annoying if you wear it as a bumbag as the bottle bounces up and down and hits your back. However I found that by rotating it so the bottle is over my right hip there is no bounce and it feels nice and secure. It's also handy for the car keys.


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