Couch to 5K

Hi everyone, I completed WK 7 r2 on Thursday but experienced pain in my left hip towards the end. Its not excruciating but I am aware of it

when walking or climbing stairs; anyway I'm concerned that if I run today I may cause more damage so have opted to go swimming instead. Has anyone got any advice on what to do from here I am really enjoying the challenge of this programme and can see me continuing on with my running long after the C25K, am I doing the right thing or should I run through it and build up my muscle's? Any advice welcome.

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Running through pain of this sort is not wise as you run the risk of further injury. Swimming seems a good substitute until you are okay again but I would recommend seeing your doctor in case you have pulled something. I always feel it's better to be safe than sorry. Well done for getting this far and I hope you are soon recovered and able to start running again. Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo, I have rested for 3 days now and will continue with the swimming and ibruprofen


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