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Wk4R1- I did it and it was fabulous but weird!!

Feeling fantastic! Just finished w4r1 and it went really well but, as I'm staying with family this weekend, my run took me past my old school. It was so weird to be running more or less along the route we used to do years ago during PE lessons. Couldn't help laughing as I imagined my old PE teacher's face if she'd seen the least fit girl in the class running for pleasure. Happy days!

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Happy days indeed, and I love this post. I would like to imagine that your old PE teacher would have been very impressed! Sounds like a good run.


It certainly was a good run Lizziebeth, made all the better because I wasn't wearing the thick serge gym knickers and airtex top that made up the oh-so-flattering PE kit of my youth! *shudders at the memory*


It could be that imagining your old PE teacher's face helped to spur you on. Well done starting week 4. Good luck with the next couple of runs and best wishes.


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