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500 mile quest

Well hello, I haven't posted here for a while.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Jantastic challenge. I 'm training for the Great Manchester Run (10k) which is next month. Earlier this year I said I would try to run 500 miles in a year. So far I have run 183.8 miles so it looks like I'm on track. Who would have thought 18 months (and exercise free ) ago that this, not quite as overweight as I was, almost 60 year old would be running around 10 miles per week !


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I am also doing a 500 mile challenge (run-walk), having been inspired by a forum thread on the topic at Fetch. I only made the decision in March and had not been doing huge amounts earlier in the year, so I'm currently on 131 miles total. Fetch tells me that in order to make the target, I need to average 9.85 miles per week, which is very doable as I am trying to increase my distances now.


Hi Dewines, I agree 9.85 miles per week is doable, the problem will be holiday times and when we get round to bad weather later in the year. But it's a good target I think. Something to aim for. Good luck, keep me posted on how you're doing. :-)


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