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And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more

Well, maybe not 1000 miles or even 500 but I just became the 55th member of the C25K 5x50 team! YAAAY!

Then it sunk in. What have I done? AAAAARGH!

250km - isn't that 150 miles? Oh No!

Actually, I'm looking forward to it. As we say up here ... Nae Bother.

Now, I'd better get out of bed & actually do something about getting started ... My youngest son is at uni in Stirling and I'm off to bring him home for a family Easter dinner. I presume he won't have put his clock forward and won't be ready to go, so I'll put on my gear, drive to Stirling and make my first day's exercise a run from his wee flat up the hill to Stirling Castle. That's a helluva hill but it should be achievable.

RIGHT - better get out of bed and do it. Up and at 'em. Here we go. What will I do today to make myself proud.

What's that dear? Another cup of tea in bed? Yes, I'd like that very much.

God help us all.

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Hey welcome to the team Malcy!! I saw your name just now and wondered who would come forward as #55 :) Fantastic! Yep I'm off for a run very soon too after my cuppa brought to me in bed by my OH! What wonderful supporting partners we have ;)

Enjoy you run; sounds lovely. Happy Easter!



I have that on my makes me laugh as I stumble along in my 1st 10 minutes. I wish.


Day 1 5x50 I'm also off for run shortly here in Sunny Aberdeenshire, as this is my first Post-Grad run I am ditching Laura for Zombie Run!


Good luck to you all on the 5x50. Nice to see some fellow Scots here. Wish I could join you, but I'm at the stage of being delighted to have managed W4R1 yesterday, in sunny Moray. One day.............!


Yay! More of us! I'm going to drag my other half away from the Sunday papers and out for a nice gentle 5k walk. He had an op a few weeks back so won't be joining me for any runs but whenever I can I'll walk with him in an attempt to get him fit again. Might have to bribe him with the promise of a pint at the end ;)


Welcome to the team Malcy; hope you made it out of bed and onto the road! I'd not thought of how far we have signed up for - that's a bit frightening, but I can't wait for the stats to add up on Imap! :-)


Hurrah, more members for the challenge! :)


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