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Hi has anyone got any motivation tips? Hit a wall and can't get round it!

I've have been running 4.5k, and at the point I thought 5 would be easy, I had a couple weeks break due to Flu

and when I went running last week, the most I could muster was about 3.5k, I went out twice, and just feel so slow and lethargic, and my heads not in it.

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Don't be too hard on yourself, flu can take it out of you and not running for 2 weeks on it's own would make it harder to restart than you might think.

I had a month of last year (drs orders) because of my foot, even though I'd made up the time in the gym, it was hard to get going again

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Just give yourself time smilinggirl, flu is rotten and really takes its toll. Just get back to it nice and gently, 3.5k is good, think how far you have come. You will get back to full fitness soon I am sure. x


dont be too hard on yourself take your time and you will get there


Perhaps take it back a step...Do you enjoy running? I would suggest taking it back to a week of Laura you feel comfortable with...or just going out for 20 minutes a few times. Flu really takes it out of you and I'm not surprised you struggled....You did really well to do the 3.5k. Its important you always have a sense of achievement after a run..a run is a run after all!!! So give yourself bitesize realistic goals...and take care :)


Agree with all the above -- Mojo comes and goes for all of us.

My wife and I used to walk around the neighbourhood a few years ago -- but I got bored with it. We dropped out of the habit after a while. She used to nag me about starting it up again -- but I knew that just the two of us walking wouldn't last long for me. And deep down inside, I also knew that I probably wouldn't last very long with this running (by myself) . However two things seem to have kept my nose to the grindstone. Firstly the organised nature of these running programmes - ie the programme says "Do this today" and I tend to do it - even if some days I start out a bit reluctantly . The second thing that has been very good for me is Parkrun . I went to one very early in the programme -- just really to check it out and see what it was. I was impressed by the numbers of people doing it- old and young- fit and unfit - trained and untrained. And I found that even in the very early days of the programme when I could only run a minute or two at a time, it presented me with an extra challenge that the C25Kprogramme did not. I am not competitive by nature -- but there is no doubt that running/walking in a Parkrun puts a rocket up my bum. I tend to be very conservative pace-wisewith my C25K training/running -- but have slowly been "letting go" at Parkrun. Still being very careful not to hurt myself though.

I think we all have to invent or take up things that maintain our interest in the basic activity of running -- perhaps you could put some thought into this?


Thanks everyone, I think I am just going to have to step back a bit and build myself up again. I just get frustrated, as am not the fastest at all(have quite a bit of weight to loose) but I do have really good stamina usually, and I do enjoy running, find it really clears my head and is good for stress :)


I'm not sure I would like to offer motivation tips (lots here already) because flu really does take it out of you and the aftermath can last for some weeks. I hope you pick up soon but, in the meanwhile, be kind to yourself and just take it gently for a while. Good luck and best wishes.


Flu is grim.

I find that I need to trick my brain into working out at the same level as the last run, for example last week I ran for 30mins (about 4km) for the first time in a long time because I took a different route and told myself I'd just see how it went and walk if I needed to.

Today I felt like I:

a.) couldn't be bothered to run properly (I'm a major procrastinator), and

b.) wouldn't be able to repeat the previous run, so what's the point in trying?

I took a slightly different route and gave myself little goals (running to the next bridge, then the next, then getting to the end of the path etc.) with the option to walk at each one and, would you believe it, I ran 5 and 3/4km without stopping or walking - further than I've ever run before in my life.

I find that allowing myself the option of walking at certain checkpoints keeps me feeling good and not stressing throughout the run and feeling good makes me push myself so I don't need to stop. Deviating from your usual route (if you have one) is also a good trick for not thinking about how far you've gone and how you normally feel at each point.

Sorry for the essay, hope you find your groove again soon.


Thanks Everyone

I went out last night, after finally downloading the podcasts (don 't ask, I'm just technically backwards!) I decided that I wanted to start from wk6 day 1, I was probably being very easy on myself, but I actually had a really good run. I can run for 40 minutes and not break a sweat, last night however, I ran at a faster pace than usual. After the initial 5 minute run, I had warmed up and so enjoyed the next intervals, and I actually felt tired at the end even though I had the walking breaks in between. I had the full effect of what I think is a good run, aching muscles in my thighs, butt, and arms, and I had the sleepy relaxed effect last night also, always sleep like a log after a good run .

So I may have technically gone backwards progress wise, but I am looking forward to run2 tomorrow, and although I know it will take me longer to graduate, I feel confident that I can do it again. Having the music, and Laura makes a massive difference. And Marsyface, I think a change of route is definitely a good idea, I know what bits I like on the route I do, but there are also bits I hate!



Just curious, do you listen to music as you run or do you just go out and run? Reason I ask is that I am going to be running my first 5K in November and realized that there are some songs that just literally will make me want to go for it and run.

I say don't worry about how slow you feel you are going. It's more that you are out there doing it! Yesterday I had a very similar experience with lack of motivation, but I knew if I didn't do my run I wasn't going to be able to move on to the next week in the program. I think what got me out there was that thought. I wasn't going to let anything keep me from graduating. Perhaps set yourself a goal for your runs that isn't based on how far you run, but the feeling of accomplishment when you do run. I have faith in you!


I have 2 motivational tips that have helped me a lot.

1. Remember "No matter how slow you're running you're lapping everyone on the couch"

2. *this is weird, but really works* SMILE WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING. In doing so your subconscious associates running with being happy and it will help. I was very sceptical, but it really works.

Good running :-)


Hi Guys

Sorry I haven't replied before. Really fell of the wagon and haven't run since april I think! Went out last night.Starting from scratch again, really enjoyed it. Shadow Micheal I have started listening to music, it definitely makes a difference.Thanks TrickyHicky, will make sure I try s,iling tomorrow on run2! ;)


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