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Starting Week 2

I was pleasantly surprised at how much easier the running felt this morning. I was tired from dancing last night, but once I got into W2R1 it wasn't so bad. I got so engrossed in the running, that I actually ran too far, and ended up having to walk quite a long way home after the podcast ran out! I measured the route I took in the car and I walked/jogged 2.5 miles - I'm Gobsmacked! That is a real achievement for me. I did find it difficult to get the breathing right that was mentioned in the podcast. I have trouble with breathing. When ever I have done meditation or yoga, I just cannot get the breathing right, and end up feeling spaced out. I do have a problem with my lungs - my lung capacity is not great as I have bronchiectasis - so to breath in for four and out for four just didn't happen!! Some advise about this would be really helpful. Now cannot wait for my next run - bring it on!

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Well done on your achievement. I couldn't follow the breathing pattern either. I think you need to go with your own body and breathing pattern. What works for one person won't suit another. I find its when I have to think about breathing that I struggle, having asthma if I don't have to think about breathing I am happy. Good luck with your next run and enjoy your rest day.


Early on in the plan I complained of my huffle puffle breath. I am happy to say that it just seemed to settle down, regulate itself and the huffle puffle is gone and my breathing is regular and even. It surprised me how it happened but it just did :)


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