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A couple bad runs since returning back from a weekend away have knocked my motivation slightly. My aim was to be up to 12k. last week. I don't care about the time just increasing stamina and distance. Both runs I couldn't seem to find that extra bit of energy to reach it. Is anybody else OCD about their routine? My last run, pressed my Garmin at the start and thought I wouldn't bother looking at it until around the 3k mark , looked and I must have not started it as it didn't record. So frustrating!! anyway pressed it when realised but felt my run mean't nothing until that watch recorded. Then my phone starts playing up, probably not a great place to shove your phone in your sports bra- but always worked up until now!!. I had somehow deleted my running playlist and had to go back to albums. Running and fiddling with a phone forced to listening to some of my daughters rap tracks!! (she had obviously downloaded!!). was not my kind of music. I get to the halfway point breathing a little disarray now (OCD kicks in!) and woman passes me with her dogs and tells me 3 times in a concerned manner that I should stop and not overdo it. I politely smile but inner thoughts shall not be shared!! I carried on home running all the way but have never felt so tearful with my routine messed up. Hoping for a better and happier run tomorrow and checked several times all gadgets are in good working order!!!! Happy running to all :)

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  • Awww poor you. What a total bummer. Good to vent though innit? And I don't understand rap music. Just don't get it. Never have. I'm still distraught that The Beatles broke up.......

  • Was good to vent and thanks. Had a few words with the daughter when home ! The content of those rap songs are really quite disturbing for an oldie like me! The Beatles and Karen Carpenter.....

  • Yup I'm OCD like that too, when the GPS kicks in late have been known to run extra just so the figures tally up, that is crazy I know. Hope you have a better run next time. :-)

  • Thank goodness, not just me! I really wanted them to tally up but didn't have another 3k in me - now that would have been a different blog if I had!! Thanks for your words and will be back out tomorrow - more prepared :)

  • Oh its rotten when stuff gangs up on you like that! Sometimes I think its best to just get out the door and go, and s** the technology. Hope you have a better run tomorrow, you are doing so well with your distances so soon after graduating. I am going to try Bazzas idea tomorrow run/walk and see what happens! x

  • Ah thanks - I keep meaning to do a short fast run but every time I go out, I end trying to push further and the canal run makes it easier too - no hills etc. Good luck with Bazza's idea tomorrow and will give mine another go too x

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