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Shin Pain - Fairly Regular/Competent Runner


I completed C25k over a year ago and I've been a pretty regular runner ever since - 2x half marathons last year. That said, I slacked off in Winter due to a couple of illnesses/injuries and a general lack of motivation.

I've increased the frequency of my runs in the last few weeks and have really struggled, particularly with shin and calf pain. I'm not sure if this is a reaction to increased activity? I would have assumed my shoes were past it but they are not that old. Running is painful and I'm really struggling to get to 5k because of it - feel fine otherwise. It's very frustrating - I went out this morning intending to do a minimum 5k and perhaps push on for 10k, but I was struggling after 1k and eventually gave up at 3k. The pain is odd as it stops more or less as soon as I stop running' so inclined to think it's not related to overdoing it. I'm not totally convinced about my shoes so may get new ones...wondered if anyone had any similar experiences?

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I've had similar problems with shin and calf pains which i am struggling to overcome. Although not up to your distance of half marathons i occasionally ran 8 miles in sub one hour time with no physical problems. Then last september i started getting shin and calf pains. I have done all the recommended suggestions of gait analysis, new shoes, rest, icing, compression, elevation(RICE), stretching, foam roller but still struggle to run more than once a week without severe pain. During my none running days however i do experience pain and often struggle to go up and down stairs or run across the road.

I am persevering with the physio's advice of all the above especially the gluts, hamstring and calf stretching which i do twice a day. Last week i managed 2 runs in a week, a 5k parkrun in 21.58 and a slow 8 mile run which i gave up on after an hour and 7 1/2 miles due to the pain becoming too intense but it was progress.

It does sound that your problem is associated with the increased activities so it may well be that you need to leave at least 2 days between runs to see if that helps and also run at a very comfortable pace and not to overdo the distances when you feel good. Stretching exercises should help and everyone on this forum with the exception of myself recommends a gait analysis and then buying the appropriate shoes. If your shoes are not that old then perhaps they do contribute towards the pain especially if you had no pain with previous shoes.

I do sympathise with you as there is no quick fix but you have an injury which needs to be nursed. There are many suggestions on the net for stretching all the tendons, ligaments, muscles etc which if they are tight contribute to shin pains. Best of luck.

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