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W3R1 - Pain down my shins and towards my ankles?


I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Even during the 5 min warm up walk there was pain down my shins, and it made the run very difficult to get through (well, jumping to running for 3 mins at a time was hard enough!). Do you think this is just general aches and pains from the exercise (first proper exercise in about 5 years) or is there something I can do to alleviate it?


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Yes, I'd say it's shin splints and common to new runners. There is a piece about shin splints on Laura's C25k page on the NHS Livewell site. She suffered with it but it should get better, but she gives tips about what to do.

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Yes, I suffer too - did W3R1 yesterday, and I've had the same problem since the beginning :-(


I had similar trouble in w1 but, touch wood, nothing since. There are various videos online suggesting different ways of easing the pain. Haven't tried them but may be worth having a look. Hope the pain eases.


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