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week 8 - finding it hard

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hi everyone,

ive just done run 1 week 8, found it quite hard today, i had to really push myself to finish the run today but i did it. well done to everyone who is doing couch to 5k. hopefully i will feel better after run 2 on tuesday.

Tanya x

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For some reason I always found the first run of a new week tough. No idea why, but run 2 was always better. Good luck and keep going!

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Denovo in reply to telford_mike

I do too. My theory is that this is partly because I have no idea when the time announcements will come. I can't estimate time when I'm running and squinting at my watch is too awkward, so I'm running into the unknown in a way.

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telford_mikeGraduate in reply to Denovo

I think with me it's because I overdid the merriment on Friday and Saturday nights 😂

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Denovo in reply to telford_mike


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But you did it! Woohoo! Remember to slow down more as the runs get longer 👌🏽

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Slow things right down, get everything slower and you’ll buy yourself time and puff to finish the session more comfortably 🙂

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Well done Tanya. Having to push yourself is good, that’s the mental strength coming along nicely right there. Embrace the difficult days and celebrate beating them.

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