week 8 my Nemesis!!!!!!

I have really struggled to do this weeks runs.

I did the first one fine on my treadmill, the next two runs i tried outside as i do prefer being outside.

I could only manage the 25mins run with the walk either end.

Then i read on here somewhere about changing the music to see if that would help, so this evening i tried again on the treadmill with different music to listen to and boy it was so amazing, i found it comfortable and the time went so fast i actually felt like i could have run further but i didn't cos i didn't want to overdo things.

I am defo gonna do my next run outside but with the same album playing and hopefully i will be able to get this week under my belt!!!! I so want to be able to run 30mins and graduate.

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  • Well done! It's great being able to run both outside and on the treadmill! You're almost there!

  • Some weeks are better than others- you will get ther

  • Well done :) I found w8 really tough & am ashamed to say I ditched Laura in favour of my own music, as it was the only thing that got me through! You're doing really well - and the finish line is looking very close - good luck!

  • You have clearly worked out the best of both worlds. Well done and enjoy your graduation week. Best wishes.

  • many thanks to all the comments received, it is so motivational to know that other people care enough to take time to respond to a post.

  • have just got in from my attempt at 28mins outside and Yay i did it, so chuffed, now got to do 2 more times outside then on to week 9. So happy i could have danced for joy!!!

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