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The one year itch!

Completed couch to 5k a little over a year ago :). I am still going out every other day, but boy me and my running are definitely going through a tricky patch lol. After getting down to 5k in around 25mins at Xmas the past couple of weeks I have been horrendous with my times creeping up and my old enthusiasm staying in bed under the duvet lol. Don't know what's going on :( I have been running on a dodgy ankle (not painful but my foot is turning in when I run) so maybe that's it. But I am thinking maybe I need a new challenge have tried different trail runs and road runs to no avail. Anyone else hit a rough patch a little while in?

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how about a 10 race thats what i moved on to or is there a park and run near you


I graduated about a year ago too and have definitely had a hard time getting out there over winter for one reason or another (mainly not keen on running alone on dark evenings). For me, I think the best way to get back into it is to commit to something like a park run or a 5k race that I need to train for.....Great that you've kept at it, though. I sometimes went as much as a month without going out!


If you don't running alone in the dark Birdie you have to try and switch running times or join a running group so you have some company and someone to make you move your bod!

Emma if your ankle is turning in you maybe could get some trainers to help with that. A good running shop should be able to fix you up. Now that the lighter nights and better weather are coming you might find yourself more enthusiastic


You definitely need a new challenge by the sounds of it.

Have you tried pushing your distance up a little? Don't worry about the times, 10K requires a lighter pace than 5K, just work up to it gently.. Of course longer distance means new routes, which of course is a bonus.

I sometimes drive out to a different park, and run there for a change. That does mean a small treat at the tea shop afterwards.

misswoblle suggested a running group, which has been suggested to me by friends. There is a big running group in the small town where I live, just never plucked up the courage to go and join in. I have heard it is really good to run in a group. It doesn't have to be competitive.

Oh, and the lovely sunny mornings are coming, that'll get you up :)


Sometimes you need a fresh challenge to give yourself a reason to get out there. Your 5km time sounds pretty good to me, well done! Do you do parkruns?

As others have suggested, you could try extending your distance. I'd also recommend joining the next quest that will start a week on Monday (pinned posts at the top of the page). You can set yourself any target you want, from just getting out there a certain number of times a week to aiming to increase your distance to a certain amount. I've been in a bit of a slump myself, but the thought of posting "only managed to get out once this week" is a good incentive for getting out there!


Sign up for a race? 10k? That might give you some motivation and lift your spirits with the thought of an impending challenge.


I am sure we all have blips sometimes. I enjoyed doing jantastic it helped keep me out there. I also run the quests that is very supportive and there is also the 5x50 challenge there are quite a few of us that have signed up for that. I find it changes the focus and makes it fun. There are links on the right to the quest and 5x50


Thanks all for your replies all really good advice :) I think I might go for the 10k eeeekk it feels like a massive jump up especially as I am just about to flatline after my 5ks at the mo but guess that's how I felt about running any distance a year ago. I am due to run tomorrow so may do week 1 of the bridge to 10k. I don't park run as I am well out in the sticks in deepest darkest Worcestershire and it's a fair old drive to my nearest one. we do have a running group in my local town but you need to already be able to do about a 10k distance to join so maybe that's one to look at in the future. Thanks Again all :) happy running x


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