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Good-by Week 7

I'm not doing this very quickly, but am getting there. Each week on the programme is taking me about 3 weeks to complete, but am not worried by that. Been doing loads of other exercise at the gym and various classes, so am keeping fit and getting fitter generally. This mornings run went very well and think I could have done more, if I had kept going! (still on tread mill at home) Am also following a Jason Vale juicing plan and have lost 5.5lb in a week, and even though doing lots of exercise, not feeling hungry at all, and am feeling really good at the moment.

Ready to conquer week 8 and 9 now, hopefully it won't take me 6 weeks to do so, but as long as I get there, I feel that is all that matters at the moment.

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Sounds like things are going really well for you, well done! Nearly there. x


I think there's nothing wrong with taking your time. As long as you complete the programme and Graduate that's the main thing. There's no need to go at hammer and tongs and then end up injured. Taking it at your own pace will make sure you enjoy the runs and you can savour the moment each time Laura tells you you've finished and to go home and rest. Week 9, Run 3 will soon arrive and you'll be back here claiming your Graduate badge.

Have a great time out there and keep up with the healthy eating!


Remember the tortoise and the hare! Go at your own pace - if it takes longer that's fine, you will have less risk of injury and enforced stops. Slow and steady gets you there. Good luck with the rest of the programme. Best wishes.


I think very vigorous exercise sometimes does have the effect of suppressing rather than stimulating appetite. Wish I was capable of that intensity.


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