Couch to 5K

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Hi Guys,

Just getting into this. Been a long, long time since I've done any running, in fact probably not since school days.!!

I'm fortunate to be working in West Africa, so some of my training will alternate between the beach and a treadmill.

I have read a few articles that seem to conflict a little I.e. That treadmill training is 33% less effective that outdoor training.? And beach training can be too hard on the joints etc.?

Can anybody throw a little light on this.? Please.


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There of those on the forum that do all their running on a treadmill and those that only run outdoors. I found myself indoors at the gym during some of the winter months and I found it really good for working on my breathing and overall stance. Outside you definitely have to propel yourself forward which takes more energy so my outdoor runs are a bit shorter than my indoor runs. On the beach side of thing, it is something I have never done but am looking forward to going to the beach and giving it a go. I guess it takes more muscle work but is easier on the joints, but that is just a guess.


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