Couch to 5K

Sore / Tender Heels ??

Anyone experienced pains in the sole/bottom of the Heel ?? My left heel feels like it is bruised and is sore to the touch?? The pain goes once I have warmed up and started my run , but afterwards I'm hobbling around like a god knows what. Hopefully nothing serious as I don't want to break the program..... Only 4 more runs before I Graduate !!

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I did last week. Even went to get my gait analysed again in a different place as I was convinced I had been sold the wrong sort of shoes - they were fine. Put cushioned insoles in my shoes and haven't had a problem since.


Do you run on your heels? If so, then you may indeed need better shoes with better heel padding. A solution could also be -- don't run on your heels!! :)


Could be plantar fasciitis. I had it and it hurt especially first thing in the morning or after sitting for a while, then eased after moving about. Worth Googling for symptoms and stretches to alleviate but might require a physio visit if particularly bad? All the best.


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