Couch to 5K

Reached my goal!

So having managed to keep going in week 8 and reach a distance of 5k (more by accident than anything else) I have since kept on doing 5km runs and amazingly already managed to reduce my time! I started off taking 40min to run 5km and at the weekend I did my first park run round Hove park and managed to do it in just 36min! !

I think I can now officially class myself as a C25K graduate!! How do I get my badge??

I'm now really looking forward to my Sport Relief 3 mile run in 2 weeks time because I know I can do it! I've also signed up for the colour run in September...I've def got the running bug!

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Congratulations!!!!! If you look to your right there is a column of titles all in blue text. There is one there for claiming your Graduation Badge. Just click on it and follow the links

Happy Running



: )


Woo hoo! Good stuff. Congratulations on graduating.


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