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Dumb question re graduate badges

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I may be being a bit of a muppet here but I would like to know if all the talk of graduate badges refers to a real, physical badge that can be worn on clothing with pride, or just the little grey 'badge' saying GRADUATE next to your name on this forum...?

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If you're a muppet, then I'm a muppet too! I asked exactly the same question as you on graduating! I somehow thought that we would get a badge to pin onto our t-shirts or runnng tops but, sorry to disappoint you, the badge simply refers to the little grey 'Graduate' sign that goes above your name on the forum! You'll have to make your own or....there are graduate T-shirts that you could buy if you look at the top Right-hand corner of the page!

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How extremely disappointing FlossieFlyBlow. Given that we are making all this effort to help take the strain of the NHS in the coming years I would have thought the least they do was fork out for a badge. I shall be writing to Jeremy Hunt.

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flossieflyblowGraduate in reply to ChrisL

Good on you!! It's funny; it made me feel like a schoolgirl collecting badges to go on my blazer!

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There is however a C25K Graduate T shirt you can buy, see link on right hand side just under Pinned Questions. They are lovely T shirts and come in loads of colours.

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ChrisLGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

I will start saving up OldGirl

in reply to ChrisL

Or take out a second mortgage! Best wishes.

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I'd love to have a physical badge. I did treat myself to a C25K top but it turns out I really don't get on with synthetic t shirts so it doesn't get worn - and I do look truly awful in it.

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OldgirlGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

I've heard many saying their t shirts take on a horrible smell even when washed thoroughly, the secret I am told is not to use fabric conditioner and just wash by hand with non-bio washing powder.

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